Takahashi Collection ‘Mindfullness’

By Trick – On October 17th, 2013

Yayoi Kasumi/ Pumpkin

                                                          ‘かぼちゃ’ by Yayoi Kusama (1990)

複雑多様に展開する日本の現代美術を氏のコレクションだけで俯瞰できるほどに充実したもの となっています。


草間彌生/横尾忠則/李 禹煥/森山大道/荒木経惟/菅 木志雄/辰野登恵子/舟越 桂/森村泰昌/小林正人/宮島達男/
畠山直哉/奈良美智/鴻池朋子/村上 隆/会田 誠/大岩オスカール/ヤノベケンジ/福井 篤/落合多武/小出ナオキ/
川島秀明/塩田千春/平野 薫/安藤正子/鈴木ヒラク/藤田桃子/大野智史/小西紀行/橋爪 彩/塩保朋子/樫木知子/
名知聡子/熊澤未来子/坂本夏子/松井えり菜/佐藤 允/近藤亜樹/ob/Chim↑Pom


A rare chance to see work by so many of Japan’s leading contemporary artists in Sapporo, at undoubtedly one
of the most delightful museums to visit in the city. Set in the outskirts of Sapporo, the outdoor art park
boasts a beautiful setting, which is especially pleasing at this time of year when one can enjoy viewing the
Autumn leaves.

Since 1997, psychiatric expert Ryutaro Takahashi has built up a selection of contemporary art works which
has established him as one of the most renowned collectors in Japan. This year sees the “Mindfulness – Takahashi Collection”
touring round some of the major art museums in Japan, continuing to provide support for the development of contemporary art.
This exhibition presents a unique selection of both veteran and emerging artists, including Takashi Murakami, Nobuyoshi Araki,
Makoto Aida and Arashi’s very own Satoshi Ono. The title “Mindfulness” refers to the concept of more awareness on the ‘now’,
especially with the current discontent in Japanese society following the Great Tohoku Earthquake and subsequent
nuclear disaster. Although it is better to think of the works as a collection of the personal tastes and interests of Takahashi
himself, rather than a delve into the reality of our existence.

The aesthetic highlight of the exhibition has to be the section featuring Yayoi Kusama’s works, with her avante-guarde
paintings and sculptures on display. Not the predictable room of dots so well known of the artist, but some interesting
works rarely seen. These include one of the most recent pieces in the collection, a  striking doodle-art inspired

yayoi kusama love girls forever infinity

girls LOVE FOREVER-INFINITY’ by Yayoi Kusama (2003)


My favorite work, however, was rising artist Mikoko Kumazawa’s manic visual mash-up ‘Erosion': a heavy mass of objects
sprinkled with sailor clad high school girls. The title of the work “Erosion,” being a  pun on “eros” referring to the loss of
innocence of high school girls through a phenomena known as enjo-kosai (compensated dating).

Erosion/ Mikoko Kumazawa

                             ‘Erosion’ by Mikiko Kumazawa (2009) 


会期/ DATE:               2013年9月14日(土)~11月24日(日) / 2013.9.14 (SAT) -2013.11.24 (SUN)
休館日/ CLOSED:      11月5日(火), 11日(月), 18日(月) / 11.5 (TUE), 11.11 (MON), 11.18 (MON)
観覧料/ TICKETS:    FULL/一般 1,000 Yen、Students/高校・大学生500 Yen、Elementary+Junior High School/小・中学生200 Yen
場所/ PLACE :              札幌芸術の森、森美術館       / Sapporo Art Park
WEBSITE:                    Sapporo Art Park            


Konoike Tomoko                     

                                        ラ • プリマブェーラ’ by Tomoko Konoike (2002)


Yoshitomo Nara No Fun

                              ‘No Fun!’ by Yoshitomo Nara (1999)


Makoto Aida

                                                            ‘Giant Salamander’ by Makoto Aida (2003)