‘Ulises Conti’ Live at Nocturne

By Trick – On October 21st, 2013


Ulises Contiは、1975年生まれ、アルゼンチン・ブエノスアイレス出身のコンポーザー、マルチ・インストゥルメンタリスト、
サウンド・アーティスト。数多 くの映画・舞台音楽を手がける他、Lola Ariasとのコラボレーションを含め、Metamusicaよ
の舞台音楽、アルゼンチン本国ではBEACH HOUSEと共演するなど、様々な国を旅して培われた無国籍で既成の概念に捉われない

Live Guest:
Ulises Conti [Buenos Aires – Argentine]

Nocturne DJ’s:
KEI [rebel musical] , GAK [synapse] , DAISAKU , IGA

開催日 2013年11月7日 (木曜日)
開場    PROVO | 札幌市中央区南6条東 1-2 KI ビル 3F
時間    OPEN 20:00
料金   ADV TICKET ¥2,500 | 当日 ¥3,000


Ulises Conti


Composer, sound artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer…only a brief list of Argentinian Ulises Conti’s
vast talent which expands over many disciplines, his work generating musical spaces and landscapes
of beauty not common in today’s scene. Not defined by a single genre, the artist has developed a
prolific career over the past 10 years, with new release ‘Atlas’  collecting some of his best work. Conti
will perform his last tour date of his Japan tour at Provo’s ‘Nocturne’ party next month.

Nocturne has been a regular chill-out party at Provo over the past 6 years, hosted by Sapporo based
music producer Rebel Musical, and djs Daisaku, Iga and Gak. A party to relax, unwind, and enjoy one
of the brightest lights to come out of Argentina.


DATE         2013.11.7 (Thursday)
TIME          OPEN 20:00
TICKETS    2500 yen (Advanced) | 3000 yen (on the day)
PLACE         PROVO, 3rd Floor KI Blg, South 7 East 1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo