By Trick – on November 28th, 2013


Experimental indie-psyche-folk husband and wife duo Tenniscoats drop into Sapporo next month for some fun
and a session of ‘avant-pops’ (as lead singer Saya likes to call it). The pair will be joined by the legendary Japanese
drummer Ikuro Takahashi, whom they have recently had a collaboration with, and will be performing at the Koshiyama
Project in town.

Tenniscoats have been charming audiences worldwide for the past 15 years with their quirky, playful performances and
endearing innocence. Their hit song ‘Baibaba Bimba’ is made up mainly of a percussion melody of heavy breathing and
this childlike quality is what has been winning them fans over the years.

With a Tenniscoats gig you never know what to expect – some wild experimentalism or an hour of delicate, wistful folk.
The best thing to do is pop along and find out for yourself: either way, you can’t really lose.


DATE          2013.12.23 (Monday)
TIME          OPEN 18:30 / START19:00
TICKETS    2000 yen (Advanced) |  2500 yen (on the day)
PLACE         Koshiyama Project | Koshiyama Bld 202 (越山ビル) | North 2 West 3 | Chuo-ku | Sapporo
WEB             Weird Meddle Records

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開催日  2013年12月23日(月曜・祝日)
開場     越山計画 札幌市中央区北2条西3丁目 1番地 越山ビル202
時間    開場: 18:30 | 開演: 19:00
料金    前売 ¥2,000 | 当日 ¥2,500
WEB    Weird Meddle Records


チケット取扱: weird-meddle record / 011-242-3370