By Trick on December 4th, 2013


Sapporo’s very own AURA will be bringing the good party vibes this month at club Morrowzone on December 15th.
Described by lead singer Yara Eddine as “ethnic jazz with a twist of funk”, AURA has been a popular favorite
in Sapporo and  Hokkaido for the past 5 years, performing at clubs, live houses and festivals. One of the main
goals of the band is to create a collaboration and fusion of culture through music, and their live performances
never fail to be anything but electric: sharing experiences through rhythm and sound.

The upcoming performance this weekend sees a long awaited comeback for the band, with one of their biggest
performances to date this year. Come down and join the guys for a party!


DATE          2013.12.15 (Sunday)
TIME           22:00 – late
TICKETS    1000 yen
PLACE         Morrowzone| EXEPLAZA Bld B1 | South 7 West 2 | Chuo-ku | Sapporo
WEB             AURA




今週末15日Morrowzoneにて、札幌現在大注目のバンド「AURA!」は AURA! NIGHT を開催します。
『UPLEVEL EVERYTHING』では、バンドボーカル券ダンサーとして日々進化するレバノン系カナダ人のヤラの

開催日  2013年12月15日(日)
開場      Morrowzone | 札幌市中央区|南7条西2丁目 | EXEPLAZAビル B1
時間    22:00 – late
料金    ¥1,000