tobiu camp & fabulous presents ‘sunday afternoon party’

By Trick – on December 12th, 2013



パーティーを開催します。当日の音楽やダンス、アートやパフォーマンスをTOBIU CAMP
が演出。手作りフードは新しくなったフャビュラスのキッチン「& TABLE」から出来たて



*Music live: AOTA / MC MANGO / ほしのこどもたち / KOJEEM THE DYNASTY / huijinga

*Art / Painting: 水沢そら / 相川みつぐ / 富樫 幹

*Dance: produced by “conte”

*DJs: DJ KEN / Dr illman / REBEL MUSICAL / GAK / TERA / SUZUKI KOUTA / うえのけーた / フャカマカヤ

*VJ: 斉藤 みきお                


期間:  2013年 12月 22日(日)
時間:  15:00 – 23:00
チケット: ¥1000 (1 drink付) |
場所:  Fabulous  | 札幌市中央区南1東2、3−1NKCビル1階
WEB:        Fabulous




                                  art work by artist Mitsugu Aikawa 


Tobiu Camp, the annual art and music camp held near Shiroi every Autumn, has teamed up with Sapporo shop
and cafe Fabulous to host a one-off art and music Sunday afternoon party. In true Tobiu style, the party
brings together an eclectic mix of art, music, dance and performance from some of Hokkaido’s most interesting
and talented artists. A real good chance to experience the art and music culture of Hokkaido on a relaxing
Sunday afternoon. My  personal favorites on the line-up include guitarist AOTA, the infamous MC Mango and
dj/producer REBEL MUSICAL, as well as artists Mitsugu Aikawa and Kan Togashi.

Drop by for a chilled-out Sunday afternoon of good vibes and good people.


DATE:     2013.12.22 (SUN)
TIME:      15:00 – 23:00
TICKETS: 1000 Yen (includes 1 drink)
PLACE:   Fabulous | 1F NKC Bld., 3-1 South 1 East 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
WEB:       Fabulous