3月29日(土) | 23:00

ENDLESS JOURNEYにようこそ。土曜日の夜は、こっちのパーティで決まり!Famous for TBHR, Boss hosts this party full of music and good people, awaiting you this Saturday night! Check details here >>

「時計台シネマvol.1 地下鉄のザジ」

3月25日(火) | START: 19:20

Sapporo’s TOKEI-DAI to be experienced as cinema! The first screening will be “Zazie dans le Métro”!

PROVO presents SYNAPSE -the last delight-

4月01日(火) | 23:00

Vincent Lemieux plays at Precious Hall!
This is really one of the very last chances to go to Precious Hall that is closing at its current location….!
Go check it out!


3月26日(水) | 18:30 - 20:45

現在のシリアをテーマにしたイベントにて映画上映&講演会 | Film & Talk about what’s going on in Syria right now! Inform yourself. For details please click on “Read more”.

Deep Snow Report Winter 2014

Backcountry in Shiyo-Maruyama! Maybe the last chance to get into the snow? 札幌近郊で、ちょっとしたトリップがしたい…。

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[Sapporo Notes] Free Wi-Fi in Sapporo’s ‘Chikaho’

Free Wi-Fi is available in Sapporo’s Chikaho. Click here to learn how to use it…

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篠山紀信展 写真力 THE PEOPLE by KISHIN

4月26日(土) - 6月15日(日) | OPEN: 9:45am - 5:00pm | CLOSED: Mondays

篠山紀信展 写真力 THE PEOPLE@ 札幌芸術の森美術館
Shinoyama Kishin Photography Exhibition “THE PEOPLE”@Sapporo Art Park Museum



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3月14日(金) | 21:00

“GROOVES” bears a rare occasion on the 14th: see&hear performance of Sapporo artist ONO (beat maker from THA BLUE HERB)@ACID ROOM!


3月16日(日) | 13:00 - 20:00



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