Fred P, Kuniyuki@Floppy Party at Precious Hall

By Sate – on May 25th, 2014

FLOPPY@Precious Hall


新しい場所に移った新生Precious Hallでの初陣となる今回のFLOPPYは、大切な場所の再出
発を祝うべく、愛と鼓動と幾分かの狂気に飛び込ませてくれる2人をゲストに迎える。 1人目は
NY出身、現在はベルリン在住のFred P。 Precious Hallと最も縁が深い都市であろうNY出身
でありながら、初めての来札となるFred Pは所謂ガラージハウスとは一線を画す活動をアンダ
ーグラウンドで続けミニマルでドープでプリミティブな黒人特有のうねるハウスビートに サイケデリ
ックに染めたシルクを被せたようなFred P特有のプレイはNYを飛び越え、ヨーロッパを始め世
界各国の懐古主義ではない場所で絶大な信頼を得ている。 彼のプレイを始めて聴いたのは苗
事に一つにして見せた。 あの時間を体験した人にとって彼がその年のハイライトであったという
事実に異論はないかと思う。 プロデューサーとしてもJus-Ed、DJ QU等と共にNYのハウス新時
代を牽引する強力なトラック群をセルフレーベルのSoul People Musicを中心にリリースし続け確
固たる存在感を放っている。 そして札幌 が世界に誇る絶対的信頼、Kuniyuki Takahashi。あ
えて紹介するのは野暮極まりないが、Precious HallというトラックをNatural Resourceからもリリ
ースしているとおり、 彼ほどあの場所を知り尽くして、そして愛してる人間は数少ないだろう。
今回はFred Pとの組み合わせを考え、よりミニマルで実験的な名義、Kossでのライブオファーと

Check out resident party Floppy at Precious Hall, a mixture of international guests and
local artists, this electronic music night ranging from house to techno will certainly let your
legs move rhythmically over the dance floor!



Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium Soul People Music

Koss aka Kuniyuki mule musiq

About Fred P:

Fred P has truly captivated the house fraternity of late with his deep as the ocean house
cuts on his very own Soul People Music as well as on Underground Quality. The word deep
has recently been used to a point of overkill but one man that word applies to in his character as well as the music he makes is Fred. Fred is no new comer either. He has been carving and working on music for the past 20 years.

Fred , Jus Ed , Dj Qu & Levon Vincent became much more than just New York dj’s and producers. They truly captivated and captured audiences from all over the place with their highly intoxicating take on house music. […]  [source from RA]

About Kuniyuki:

Often best known simply as Kuni or Kuniyuki, Kuniyuki Takahashi is a well known
Japanese DJ and music producer.
He records under many different aliases including Forth, Frr Hive, Koss, and used to be
joint member of the group DRP (Deutsches Reichs Patent) along with other member
Tomoyuki Murastige.
His productions tend to fit mainly within Future Jazz & Deep House.
KUNIYUKI’s works are in preponderant quality constantly creating a new style of music,
and is like classics of the 21st century overflowing universal charm, attraction and magic.
KUNIYUKI dedicated this song titled “Precious Hall” to his local and deep house Mecca in
Sapporo and the song was released from the “Natural Resource”; the sub-label of the



  • Date:
    6月15日(日) | 23:00
  • Ticket: ADV 2,500 | W/F 3,000 | DR 3,500
  • Where: Precious Hall
  • Place: Sapporo, Chuo-ku, North-2 East-2-2
  • Web: