Welcome to TOBIU CAMP 2016!

2016, and we celebrate the 6th year of TOBIU CAMP!

TOBIU CAMP is hosted every year at the artist community “TOBIU” in Shiraoi,
and it is not only host to many performances, musical as well as theatrical highlights,
but also a meeting point for the artist community in Hokkaido.
TOBIU CAMP is a magical trip into the deep forests of Hokkaido, where you are about to find out
the beautiful wonders this island has to offer on the last days of its best season!

The stage of this story is a small school building in the Shiraoi forest.
The Shiraoi area of Hokkaido is one of the most important holy places of the Ainu,
the indigenous people of Hokkaido.
The little old school building there is continuing to host several artist studios for their
creative activities for now more than 25 years long. Under the name “Forest of Creation”,
the surrounding forest has become a part of the creative projects, as many artists come
together every year since 2011 to continue creating new shapes and forms.

TOBIU offers a mysterious atmosphere and space for the festival:
A big bonfire is lit up in the front of the old wooden school building,
traditional Ainu songs called Upopo are swaying through the air, incapsuled by the darkness of night,
where the sky full of stars is surrounding the forest, a deer’s cry, mysterious lights are flashing…
Be inspired by TOBIU CAMP’s atmosphere as it takes you through the various stages and landscapes.
That day, you become a part of this story, and this experience is shared by everyone.

Come along and enjoy this unique Hokkaido experience!
Bring your tent and some blankets, food is available at the local stands!
See you at the forest stage on September 10 (Sat)!!

Let’s celebrate Hokkaido together!
From September 10 (Sat) to September 11 (Sun)!!!


For more EVENT DETAILS, please see bottom of page.


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Shiraoi Takeura 520, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

Address in Japanese:
飛生アートコミュニティー校舎と周囲の森 | 北海道白老郡白老町竹浦520





There are several ways to come to the festival:

- by rental car

There are not too expensive rental car services available in Sapporo, such as niconico or One’s car: |


- by public transport & taxi

Please call for info on time table and fares or look up at the bus company’s website.

■ Sapporo – Kosoku Takeura: 90 minutes
◎Bus #Kosoku Muroran (Hokkaido Chuo Bus) | 1750yen
◎Bus #Kosoku Shiratori (Dounan Bus) | 1750yen (get off at “Kosoku Takeura”)

■ From bus stop to festival by taxi: 10 minutes
Call “Shiraoi Transport”: TEL.0144-82-2244

◎Contact Information
・Hokkaido Chuo Bus Terminal: TEL 011-751-2637
・Dounan Bus: TEL 0143-45-3411 or for time table:
※For the highway bus from Takeura to Sapporo Station Terminal, a reservation is needed. A reservation can be made until 1 day before departure.
◎About bus and taxi

– Reservations are needed for your return by bus from “Kosoku Takeura” back to Sapporo. Please reserve by calling the bus company until 1 day before your departure.

– The bus time schedule can vary due to weather and road conditions. Please check with the bus company.

– It can be quite busy with the taxis around the festival (there are not many taxis available to start with). So it might take you some time to get picked up by one. Thank you for your understanding.




Advanced Ticket: 3500yen
Same Day Ticket: 4500yen



〈LAWSON TICKET (available in any Lawson Convenience Store at the “Loppi” station ticket vending machine)〉

L-Code: 16660


〈In SAPPORO | 札幌市〉

– DAIMARU PLAY GUIDE | 大丸プレイガイド TEL:011-221-3900
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-1 Nishi-3 Daimaru Fujii Central 1F
中央区南1条西3丁目 大丸藤井セントラル内1F

– CAMCAM TEL:011-271-4449
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-2 Nishi-7, M’s Space 1F
中央区南2条西7丁目 M’sスペース 1F

– ART CENTER DOSHA | アートセンター土砂
ADDRESS:  CHUO-KU, Kita-1 Nishi-27 2-15 (above Flower Little)

– FAbULOUS TEL: 011-271-0310
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-1 Higashi-2-3-1 NKC Bldg 1F
中央区南1条東2条3丁目1 NKCビル 1F

– PROVO TEL:011-211-4821
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-6 Higashi-1-2 KI Bldg 3F
中央区南6条東1丁目2 KIビル3F

– OTAKOSAN | おたこさん TEL:011-301-0116
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-2 Higashi-1-1-6 M’s 2-jo yokocho 2F
中央区南2条東1丁目1−6 M’S二条横丁 2F

– Hammock base cafe TEL:011-272-2244
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-1 Higashi-2-3-1 NKC Bldg B1
中央区南1条東2丁目3-1 NKCビルB1

– TO OV cafe TEL:011-299-6380
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-9 Nishi-3-2-1 Maison Heights 1F
中央区南9条西3丁目2-1 マジソンハイツ1F

– Flower LITTLE TEL:011-644-0324
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Kita-1 Nishi-27-2-15

– BROWN FLOOR TEL:011-231-5477
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-2 Nishi-3-5-2 K-Bldg 1F
中央区南2条西3丁目5-2 K-BLD 1F

– YORIDOKO ONOBEKA | よりどこ オノベカ TEL:011-596-6726
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-11 Nishi-7 3-18

ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-4 Nishi-1 Shousukedon 2F

– TABERU TO KURASHI NO KENKYUSHO | たべるとくらしの研究所 TEL:011-522-8235
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU, Minami-9 Nishi-11 3-12 | 中央区南9条西11丁目3-12

– TAIWAN RYORI GOTOU | 台湾料理ごとう TEL: 011-251-3676
ADDRESS: CHUO-KU Minami-4 Nishi-1-6 M’s NAKACHO 1F | 中央区南4条西1丁目6 M’s仲町 1F

– AiM NAIL TEL: 011-299-9149
ADDRESS: KITA-KU, Kita-7 Nishi-4-1-1 Higashi-kan Sapporo Daiichi Castel 1013 | 北区北7条西4丁目1-1 東カン札幌第一キャステール 1013号室

– hair SIESTA TEL: 011-886-5255
ADDRESS: KIYOTA-KU, Hiraoka Koen Higashi 8-1-1 Bloom Live 1F | 清田区平岡公園東8丁目1-1ブルームライブ1F


〈In SHIRAOI | 白老町〉

– Shiraoi Tourist Information | 白老観光協会 TEL: 0144-82-2216
ADDRESS: Shiraoi-gun, Shiraoi-cho, Higashi-machi 2-1-1 | 白老町東町2丁目1-1

– Hashimoto Ko-hi-kan | はしもと珈琲館 TEL: 0144-87-2597
ADDRESS: Shiraoi-gun, Shiraoi-cho, Takeura 118-31 | 白老郡白老町 竹浦118−31

– Shiraoi Sosaku Kukan “So” | しらおい創造空間「蔵」 TEL: 0144-85-3101
ADDRESS: Shiraoi-gun, Shiraoi-cho, Honcho 1-7-5 | 白老町本町1丁目7-5

– Mukoku Sekido | 無国籍堂 meeting point TEL: 0144-84-5469
ADDRESS: Shiraoi-gun, Shiraoi-cho, Omachi 3-10-25 | 白老町大町3丁目10-25

– ECOGAYA | エコガイア Tel: 090-3018-3969
ADDRESS: Shiraoi-gun, Shiraoi-cho, Midorigaoka 1-5-5 | 白老町緑丘1-5-5


〈In Tomakomai | 苫小牧市〉

– Bar Old 070-5284-2719
ADDRESS: Tomakomai-shi, Shin-Nakano-cho 2-7-19 | 新中野町2丁目7-19

– TEA&FOODS Dandelion TEL: 0144-75-7375
ADDRESS: Tomakomai-shi, Hiyoshi-cho 2-5-19 | 苫小牧市日吉町2丁目5-19

– Mukoku Sekido Event&Music Bar | 無国籍堂イベント&ミュージックバー TEL: 0144-84-8232
ADDRESS: Tomakomai-shi, Nishiki-cho 1-2-15 | 苫小牧市錦町1丁目2番15号


〈In Muroran | 室蘭市〉

– Naninani Seika | ナニナニ製菓 TEL: 0143-83-6854
ADDRESS: Muroran-shi, Nakajima-cho 1-38-5 1F ShanShan Dori | 室蘭市中島町1丁目38-5 1F シャンシャン通り

– Laban Garden | ラパンガーデン TEL: 0143-50-6879
ADDRESS: Muroran-shi, Nakajima-cho 1-17-1 GS Bldg 2F | 室蘭市中島町1-17-1GS ビル2F

– Hoshino Okurimono | ほしのおくりもの TEL: 0143-45-1690
ADDRESS: Muroran-shi, Higashi-cho 2-27-4 | 室蘭市東町2丁目27-4


〈In Date | 伊達市〉

– LOCO BASE TEL: 0142-22-6500
ADDRESS: Date-shi, Kashima-cho 6| 伊達市鹿島町6


〈In Chitose | 千歳市〉

– The bird watching café TEL: 0123-29-3410
ADDRESS: Chitose-shi, Rankoshi 90-26 | 千歳市蘭越90-26

– Il Dono Chitose | イル・ドーノ千歳 TEL: 0123-29-3511
ADDRESS: Chitose-shi, Midoridai-kita 5-1-1 | 千歳市みどり台北5丁目1-1


〈In Naganuma | 長沼町〉

– shandi nivas cafe’ TEL: 0123-76-7306
ADDRESS: Yubari-gun, Naganuma-cho, Higashi-4-sen Minami-10 | 夕張郡長沼町東4線南10番地

– Waga Ko-hi- | ワカバコーヒー TEL: 0123-88-4466
ADDRESS: Yubari-gun, Naganuma-cho, Higashi-9-sen Minami-1 | 夕張郡長沼町東9線南1番地


〈In Higashikawa-cho | 東川町〉

–  Nomad | ノマド TEL: 0166-85-6100
ADDRESS: Higashikawa-cho, Higashi-cho 2-3-20 | 東川町東町2丁目3-20


〈In Obihiro | 帯広市〉

– PIZZERIA Hikousen | PIZZERIA飛行船 TEL: 050-5849-3014
ADDRESS: Obihiro-shi, Nishi-4 Minami-19-7-1 | 帯広市西4条南19丁目7-1


〈In Takekawa | 滝川市〉

– Coffee Beans Shop Vecaruppa | 珈琲焙煎ウェカラパ  TEL: 0125-23-4000
ADDRESS: Takikawa-shi, Kita-takinokawa 1195 | 滝川市北滝の川1195


〈In Hakodate | 函館市〉

– base×SOUNTRA TEL: 0138-87-0129
ADDRESS: Hakodate-shi, Chiyogadaicho 17-3 | 函館市千代台町17-3


〈In Chiba | 千葉県〉

– Hair Art Quaoartworxxx | ヘナアートQuaoartworxxx
ADDRESS: Chiba-ken, Funabashi-shi, Nanabayashi-cho 117-4-503 | 千葉県船橋市七林町117-4-503





  • Date:
    9月10日(土) - 9月11日(日)
  • Ticket: Advanced Ticket: 3500yen Same Day Ticket: 4500yen
  • Where: Tobiu Camp
  • Place: 飛生アートコミュニティー校舎と周囲の森 | 北海道白老郡白老町竹浦520
  • Web: